Wednesday March 16 at 12 noon ET

Workshopping graphics live.

With Hanne Brøter

In this ZOOM-workshop you will get a very good impression of how we work in the Broter School of Design.

We will look at graphics based on real examples, take them apart and put them together again to make them look and communicate better.

I will teach you:
• What to look for
• How to change it
• Why we want to change it

In this process we will encounter some basic graphic design principles like
contrast, space and alignment,
and we will work with means of graphic design like
color, letters, images and layout.

You will want to bring pen and paper because there will be some graphic nuggets to take home

Feel free to bring a friend or colleague who may also benefit from some simple graphic tips with great effect.

Hanne teaches students how to use the two most important tools of the graphic trade;
the eyes and the brain.

Eyes and Brain

You have to know in order to learn how to see.
Most of us don’t know what we don’t know, so seeing often becomes guessing.
Hanne takes the guesswork out of making great graphics.