Praise for Broter School of Design

The lessons were easy for this non-designer to follow.
I had the privilege of getting a "sneak peek" at Broter's School of Design modules before they were released to the public. I found the videos not only entertaining but highly informative. The lessons naturally built upon each other, were easy for this non-designer to follow, and helped me understand what I was doing wrong –and, more importantly, how to do designs better! Hanne's creativity and sense of humor make these lessons joyful, too.

Deborah Kevin

Chief Inspiration Officer, Highlander Press

Avoiding jargon and expert terminology.

I have experienced Hanne in the capacity of a teacher of design in a corporate environment. Hanne is passionately dedicated to teaching graphic design. She has a down-to-earth methodical approach, always considering the standpoint of her pupils and avoiding jargon and expert terminology. I can highly recommend her as a teacher if you want to learn about graphic design in a simple, fun and effective way.

Annette Brøndum Dudley

Graphic Designer, Norway

Love the teaching style, short and sweet with a dash of humor.
Hanne has a wealth of knowledge about graphic design. Her teaching style is very straightforward and direct with a dash of humor thrown in. Her course is packed full of information that you can begin to use immediately to improve any graphic design work you are doing. Hanne defines the principles of graphic design and also shows and explains why each is so important and, most importantly, how to correctly apply the principles right away. 

Connie Jo Miller

Bookkeeper/Financial Coach - Solopreneur doing own graphic design work.

She lets no opportunity pass her by to teach…
Hanne has been my trusted provider of graphic services for many years. She doesn’t just create the graphics and designs that I need, but she lets no opportunity pass her by to teach me about her choices of layouts, fonts, colors and images.

When she starts off on her favourite topic, I think she may be able to lecture for weeks! Over the years I have learned tons about graphic design from her, and I consider Hanne my graphic teacher and coach, as much as my graphic designer. Her shared knowledge has made me a better purchaser of everything graphic. I am delighted that she now has her own school of design where she can practise her passion for teaching and design to the immense benefit of her students.
Highly recommended.

Ellen Øiesvold Palsén

CEO of Skanpers Media

You can tell she loves to teach about graphic design!

I am so glad that Hanne was a guest lecturer for Celestial University! Her module about improving our ‘do-it-yourself’ graphic design was so helpful for my solopreneur students. Her teaching approach is friendly, funny, and thorough. When she was done teaching her class, my students raved about how much they learned, and they were ready to be more confident graphic designers for their businesses. I highly recommend any of Hanne’s classes!

Jill Celeste

founder, Celestial University

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