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Who is it for?

The Broter School of Design
provides accessible, hands-on, practical, and effective graphic design training for aspiring designers from all backgrounds—do-it-yourselfers, students, entrepreneurs, or the graphically curious.

The Broter School of Design was created with you in mind.
Whether you’re a do-it-yourself entrepreneur or on a corporate marketing staff—or you simply want to utilize your creativity more effectively—we can support you!

Enrollment requires no previous training in graphic design. If your objective is to make better graphic designs to communicate more clearly, this school is for you!

The lessons were easy for this non-designer to follow.
I had the privilege of getting a "sneak peek" at Broter's School of Design modules before they were released to the public. I found the videos not only entertaining but highly informative. The lessons naturally built upon each other, were easy for this non-designer to follow, and helped me understand what I was doing wrong –and, more importantly, how to do designs better! Hanne's creativity and sense of humor make these lessons joyful, too.

Deborah Kevin

Chief Inspiration Officer, Highlander Press

What do you get?

You get immediate access to the course entitled, “Graphic Design 101.”
Other courses will follow suit, falling into one of three categories:

Software-independent courses in graphic design

Software-specific courses (Canva, Indesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop) to create graphics that you can use in your business or for your chosen purpose

Visual branding, where you will learn to communicate with your ideal clients in a visually consistent manner

Graphic Design 101

Graphic Design 101, considered a foundational requirement for any other classes, takes you through the essential principles. Think of this course as your graphical ABCs. The course is software-independent, and you will practice new skills using pen and paper, objects on your desktop, or in your software of choice.

Love the teaching style, short and sweet with a dash of humor.
Hanne has a wealth of knowledge about graphic design. Her teaching style is very straightforward and direct with a dash of humor thrown in. Her course is packed full of information that you can begin to use immediately to improve any graphic design work you are doing. Hanne defines the principles of graphic design and also shows and explains why each is so important and, most importantly, how to correctly apply the principles right away. 

Connie Jo Miller

Bookkeeper/Financial Coach - Solopreneur doing own graphic design work.

30 lessons with illustrated transcript and exercises

Graphic Design 101 includes:

  • Thirty short, pre-recorded video lessons, which allow students to make significant and immediate progress at their own pace.
  • Each lesson comes with an illustrated transcript and exercises.
  • The videos consist of a live video part where Hanne presents the learning topic and an animated illustrated part where you can actually see the visual impact of what is being taught.

Learning topics are presented in a compact, no-nonsense, and fun way. You have lifetime access to the video lessons in Graphic Design 101 and can watch them as many times as you like.

Monthly Live Graphic Class

If you have questions about the content of any lesson, you can bring the Monthly Graphic Class, which is LIVE for 90-minutes on Zoom. The live classes will also be recorded and added your student area on the school website, so you can watch them later if you cannot be with us live. In the Monthly Graphic Class, you can also bring any work that you want feedback on, and each month Hanne the Headmistress will teach a short topic.

She lets no opportunity pass her by to teach…
Hanne has been my trusted provider of graphic services for many years. She doesn’t just create the graphics and designs that I need, but she lets no opportunity pass her by to teach me about her choices of layouts, fonts, colors and images.

When she starts off on her favourite topic, I think she may be able to lecture for weeks! Over the years I have learned tons about graphic design from her, and I consider Hanne my graphic teacher and coach, as much as my graphic designer. Her shared knowledge has made me a better purchaser of everything graphic. I am delighted that she now has her own school of design where she can practise her passion for teaching and design to the immense benefit of her students.
Highly recommended.

Ellen Øiesvold Palsén

CEO of Skanpers Media

Access to the private Facebook Group

You are most welcome to join the school’s private Facebook Group! Here, Hanne will post prompts and inspiration. You can ask questions, discuss assignments, receive feedback from your peers, and grow a community connection. There may even be parties…

Weekly graphic notes with inspiration & tips

Receive free inspiration and practical tips that you can use immediately to improve your graphic designs—delivered weekly to your inbox!

You can tell she loves to teach about graphic design!

I am so glad that Hanne was a guest lecturer for Celestial University! Her module about improving our ‘do-it-yourself’ graphic design was so helpful for my solopreneur students. Her teaching approach is friendly, funny, and thorough. When she was done teaching her class, my students raved about how much they learned, and they were ready to be more confident graphic designers for their businesses. I highly recommend any of Hanne’s classes!

Jill Celeste

founder, Celestial University


Your tuition includes the following:

  • Lifetime access to the course “Graphic Design 101” with 30 video-lessons + illustrated transcript + exercises
  • 12 Monthly Live Graphic Class, 90-minutes each
  • Access to the private Facebook group for 12 months
  • Weekly Graphic Notes which include inspiration and tips
  • Access to new courses being rolled out at special student pricing

Two payment options (special Celestial University pricing):

  • Monthly: $70USD $50USD* a month for 12 months (total investment $840USD $600USD*)
  • Pay-in-full: $750USD $550USD* for 12 months of access
Use coupon code CUSPECIAL

*Offer Ends Midnight CET, Wednesday December 23 2020

Continuing Students:
After your first year, if you wish to extend your access, you may do so at the Continued Student Status rate of $35USD per month.

For this fee you get:

  • Access to the Graphic Design 101 class and all the materials on as a student of the school
  • Access to new courses being rolled out at special student pricing
  • Monthly LIVE classes
  • Facebook Group
  • Weekly graphic notes

Refund/Cancellation policy:

Simply put: No cancellations and no refunds. All sales are final.

If you select the monthly option, your credit card will be billed automatically.
If you do not honor your payment commitment, your access to Broter School of Design will be revoked.