Not your typical design school …

The Broter School of Design provides accessible, hands-on, practical, and effective graphic design training for aspiring designers from all backgrounds—do-it-yourselfers, students, entrepreneurs, or the graphically curious.

Use your intuition and creativity to learn how to create powerful designs—using real-world examples!

What you won’t get here
Other graphic design programs focus on the “this is how it’s always been done” and require measuring up to ridiculous and outdated standards. This elitism does students a disservice. We reject:

  • Rigid, stuffy lessons
  • Pressure to perform
  • Hoop jumping requirements

The Broter School of Design is the design school for the rest of us!
We pride ourselves on making the study of graphic design accessible to anyone who wishes to study and implement the practical step-by-step approach we employ using our very own Brøter Method—and we begin with building a strong foundation.

Hanne Brøter
Your Headmistress
Hanne Brøter is the founder and
headmaster of Broter School of Design.
Get to know her here

Why Learn Graphic Design?
Graphic design is nothing more than visual communication—it’s not art, fashion, or home decoration. Instead, it’s like a microphone, amplifying your important messages. Understanding graphic design is crucial for anyone who has a message to share!

The Broter Method focuses on building a strong foundation of design knowledge, so our students remember and apply them.

How it works

Modules. Short video modules which allow students to make significant and immediate progress at their own pace. Examples come from real-life scenarios to support design theories presented. Each lesson comes with an illustrated transcript and exercises.

Private Facebook Group. Students are encouraged to join the school’s private Facebook group where they can ask questions, discuss assignments, receive feedback from their peers, and grow a community connection.

Monthly 90-minute LIVE class. Your headmistress Hanne Brøter will lead a monthly lesson covering a short topic. During this class, students are encouraged to bring their work for feedback and their questions.

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