About Hanne Brøter

Hanne Brøter is a Norwegian graphic designer, strategic brand manager, and interaction designer. From a young age, she trained and worked as a classical flutist and flute teacher.
However, she decided to professionalize her other big field of interest in life: graphic design.

In both music and graphic design Hanne has always been an educator. She has a great passion for teaching business owners, marketers and would be graphic designers, about the crucial importance of correct graphic design in communication. Observing how important messages from change-makers and light workers are being LOST in bad graphic design, she has made it her mission to teach graphic design to non-designers, who has to be their own graphic designers.

Hanne has issued a course in graphic design through the Norwegian video-education company VIDECATION (2019), and teaches classes and virtual courses in Graphic Design and graphic software as a freelance instructor with Institute for Graphical Media (IGM) in OSLO, Norway.

Working with entrepreneurs on their visual branding, Hanne has made some important observations. She has seen how entrepreneurs fail to take advantage of Visual Branding’s external effects to connect with their ideal customer while at the same time being unaware of the internal effect of Visual Branding on their own mindset.

This is why her book, Brand Boxes™: Your 9-Step Process to Creating a Visually Compelling Brand, which is available on Amazon, came into being.

Hanne lives in Norway with her co-creator, a cocker spaniel who is appropriately called “Brandy.”

Her graphic design and visual branding business is:

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